Economics and related disciplines have long been among the most attractive areas of university studies. This is reflected both in the total number of students and graduates on a national level as well as in the size and importance of economic faculties within particular universities. The Association of Deans of Economic Faculties represents this important segment of higher education and enables the representatives of faculties of economics to regularly discuss further development and cooperate in its promotion. The activities of the Association include the following objectives:

• To coordinate communication between representatives of the faculties of economics.
• To formulate common statements and approach of the member faculties to fundamental issues concerning the development of higher education in the Czech Republic.
• To cooperate on the development of study programmes and the enhancement of the quality of teaching activities.
• To share experience in the accreditation process and quality management and management system itself.
• To support the development of research and cross-faculty scientific cooperation.
• To facilitate mobilities between faculties of economics.
• To contribute to the development of the internationalisation of economic higher education.
• To create conditions for better cooperation between faculties of economics and the application sphere.
• To evaluate the financing system of universities and faculties of economics and the results of their management.
• To present the common interests of the social sciences and disciplines in relation to university budgets and the evaluation of the economic challenges of this type of studies.
• To strengthen the role of faculties of economics in pursuing the third role of universities.
• To initiate joint projects not only at national level but also linked to larger international teams.
• To share best practices in teaching, research and other activities in the field of economic education and related disciplines provided by faculties of economics.


  1. Membership
    • The founding members of the Association are the Deans present at the constituent meeting.
    • The admission of an additional member is subject to the approval of a supermajority of all members of the Association.
    • Membership in the Association is linked to holding the Dean’s post. Upon termination of the post, membership in the Association automatically passes to the new Dean of the relevant faculty.
  1. Executive Committee
    • The governing and coordinating body of the Association is a four-member Executive Committee.
    • The members of the Executive Committee are the President of the Association, the Vice-President of the Association and two members of the Association whose faculties are hosting the Association meeting in a given year.
    • The President and Vice-President of the Association are to be elected at a meeting of the Association. The candidate for whom a supermajority of all members of the association vote is elected.
    • The term of office of the President and Vice-President of the Association shall be one year, and the same person may hold the position for a maximum of two consecutive terms.
    • Members of the Executive Committee represent the Association externally and act for the Association in negotiations with partners and other organizations.
  1. Meetings
    • As a rule, the Association meets twice a year.
    • The organization of the meetings is entirely the responsibility of the organizing faculty. The organizing faculty shall also bear the costs associated with the meetings.
    • The schedule of the meetings shall be set well in advance by the organizing faculty, but at least one year in advance.
    • The programme of the meeting is prepared by the Executive Committee.
    • The Association shall adopt the conclusions of its meetings if necessary. A supermajority of all members of the Association shall be in favour to approve the conclusion.
  1. Presentation
    • The main communication channel for presenting the Association’s activities is the website www.dekanief.cz.
    • Full administration of the website is provided by the faculty of the President of the Association.
    • Members of the Association will ensure that the information about the Association’s activities is available on their faculties’ websites and social media.
  1. Final Provisions
    • The Dean of a faculty also means the Director of a higher education institute or institute focusing on teaching and research activities mainly in the field of economics.
    • These rules can only be changed at a meeting of the Association. Any change to the rules shall be approved if a supermajority of all members of the Association are in favour of the change.